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Expect More Jobs To Open at SM Group

Date Posted: Jan 14, 2010

Top Filipino firm SM Group spearheaded 2010 as they will open an additional 30 more branches as the company grows each year.

The SM Group Food Retail Unit will open 30 more branches in different regions in the country this year as higher consumption aided by the traditionally strong spending ahead national elections is expected.

Known as the largest owner of supermarket business in the Philippines, the SM Group has bright plans for their supermarkets such as SM Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Save More and the Makro Outlets.

Robert Kwee, executive vice president of the retail group unit announced that SM’s direction in 2010 will be to open more stores, in what they call food retail business. “We will open between 20 and 30 outlets for the entire group”

“We will open more in Metro Manila and in provincial locations,” Kwee said.

SM food retail unit now has 82 outlets nationwide and with the opening of new stores in the coming months or years may help reach SM to their 100-outlet mark.

Volume and sales wise, SM food markets is undeniably the largest and most visited by consumers compared to its competitors.

He pointed out that the group could expect a substantial increase in revenues, even if it managed to attract even just a fraction more of the foot traffic that goes through the SM malls.

“The mall, the SM brand, is so powerful for attracting foot traffic,” he said.

The SM official also noted that the movement by the consuming pubic toward greater convenience is feeding the Save More business.

“For a distance of five kilometers [from a mall], a customer only wants to walk 500 meters,” he said. “That’s why we have Save More.”

The business expansion of SM would not only benefit on their behalf but would also give employment opportunities for Filipinos as the number of graduates will increase and would add to the previous numbers of the unemployed.


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