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BIR to Hire 6,000 Workers

Date Posted: Jan 11, 2010

The Bureau of Internal Revenues (BIR) is expected to hire an additional 6,000 workers to support the growing demand of workforce in the department once the National Budget Authority approved their proposal.

The 6,000 hiring proposal is part of the 2010 rationalization plan of BIR which will exceed the numbers of employees to 16,000.

“We need several thousands of CPAs (certified public accountants) and lawyers,” said Revenue Commissioner Joel L. Tan-Torres.

Tan-Torres added, “We need these people to enable us to escape a perennial shortfall in revenue collection.” His statement was based on the BIR’s failure to reach their target for the past four years.

He added that the BIR has to meet the government’s revenue goals in 2010 and in the following years since the bureau experienced a lower-than-year ago revenue yields for the government.

Also, the government expects its budget deficit to be higher than the previously programmed ceiling of P233 billion.

With this, the BIR has started a nationwide reshuffling of their workers, with revenue district officers (RDOs) moving to new geographic areas of responsibility for the same rank and duties.


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