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DepED-Cebu To Hire Additional Teachers

Date Posted: Nov 16, 2009

The Department of Education-Cebu has a pre-Christmas gift to all newly licensed and experienced teachers in the Visayas as they will recruit an additional 60 elementary and high school instructors before the year ends.


According to DepEd Cebu province superintendent Ardin Monisit the department has been processing papers of applicants who have passed the teacher’s board exam and want to teach in various elementary and high school classes around Cebu.


The recruitment is said to address the growing need of teachers in the region as the number of students increased and expected to increase for next year’s enrollment. The hiring will also address the need of teachers who will act as watchers for the upcoming elections in May 2010.


Meanwhile, Central Visayas regional director Ricardo Borgonia reminds all schools and teachers in the region to avoid lavish Christmas parties and celebrations that would lead students to give money as contributions.


Borgonia has sent out a directive order to this effect following a memorandum issued by DepEd secretary Jesli Lapus reminding teachers of the calamities that hit the country recently as basis for not spending too much for parties and celebrations, teachers and students must save their money in preparation for whatever calamities arising in the future.


Borgonia added that instead of holding a lavish Christmas parties, schools may just donate money or substantial things to other schools affected by recent typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng and Santi.


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