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Importance of Good Looks in Getting a Job

Date Posted: Aug 19, 2009

If you’re a one lucky girl or boy that possessed good looks, then you have about 30 percent of chances of getting hired.


Having good looks and presentable appeal can land you a job especially if the industry that you were applying for requires dealing with clients or sales talking. It can be your key to get the job that you desire.


In an industry that requires dealing with other people like being a sales agent, receptionists, secretary and hotel/restaurant staff, employers often includes appearance on their requirements. Although it is not as important as skills and knowledge, being pretty or handsome can be a contributing factor.


When I say “good looks” it does not only mean having just a pretty face, but also how you carry yourself. The way you dress and how you physically groom your self can also be considered as “good looks”. So if you think that you don’t possess “pretty face” then try to improve what you are lacking like dressing well, improving your posture and making an effort to learn how to be confident.


Like I’ve said having good looks is important but not as important as what you have inside your brain and your heart. However, appearance is the most noticeable and the most basic factor of first impression.


They say that “beauty is power”. You can use your appearance or appeal to persuade, to entertain, amuse and get attention, that is why most employers (especially those  who are in the hospitality industry) wants someone who possess good physical appearance.


However, you may get hired because of your looks, but you cannot stay longer in your job if you lack in skills, attitude and knowledge.


Try to work out with your physical appearance. If you lack in physical beauty, try to improve your grooming. Self-confidence is the key. What you feel inside will actually transpired outside, so if you have positive views about yourself inside it will definitely show outside.





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