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5 Types of Applicants You'll Meet in Interview Room!

Date Posted: Jul 9, 2009

Interview rooms are also a room where you will meet a lot of different types of person. Some would be very friendly to you, and some will see you as their biggest competition.


As you patiently waiting for your name to be called, oftentimes, you tend to observe your co-applicants. Here, we listed the 5 types of applicants that you will probably meet in Interview rooms:


  1. The Friendly One- These are people who will approach you in an instant. They don’t take you much as a competition instead a companion through the entire interview process. He/she will ask about yourself, experiences and how’d you feel about the interview. If the conversation between the two of you turns out well, he/she will ask you to join him in the finding a new job in case both of you did not qualify.


  1. The Smart One- They wear eyeglasses, formal attire and carry laptop bags. Smart looking guys/girls often draw attention as the “threat” among the group of applicants. Their nerdy image intimidates some applicants because they are perceived as intelligent and snob. Smart guys and girls often get the job.


  1. The Nervous One- Most first time applicants fill this category since they are not still familiar with the interview process. Most of them are shy but always ask finished applicants about what happened during their interview. They often have scratch paper where they memorize their prepared possible answers. The most nervous people often get rejected due to their lack of self confidence and focus.


  1. The Confident- They dress very well and speak very polite. You will not sense any kind of tension on their actions and the way they speak. Some our just quietly seated in just one corner waiting for their name to be called. They always smile and look very positive. Second to the smart ones, confident applicants often get the job.


  1. The Arrogant- We can also call them “the snob” and “the super confident”. They talk most of the time about their achievements and experiences. They are too much confident and act as the smartest among the group. However, their too much confidence can be a sign of failure for attitude is often observed by interviewers.


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