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Employment News

Salary Increase for Government Employees in July

Date Posted: Jun 18, 2009

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo granted the wish of all government employees when she signed the Salary Standardization Law that will increase their salary by an average of 50 percent spread over four years.

The new compensation package for government employees aims to attract more people to work for the government and encourage current government employees to stay longer.

The implementation of the new salary scheme will start on July 1 for Government-Owned and Controlled Agencies (GOCA) and Government Financial Institution (GIA) employees. Local government workers on the other hand will have to wait for another six months to enjoy the new compensation package.

The Php402.00 current minimum wage of government employees, consisting of basic salary and the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) will be way higher compared to the minimum wage of private-sector workers who just receive Php382.00 a day.

Teachers, doctors and nurses will enjoy 54 and 84 percent increase on their monthly salaries, respectively.

The Salary Standardization Law was signed yesterday, June 17, 2009 at the NAIA’s Presidential Lounge prior to PGMA’s trip to Japan. The event was attended by senators and congressmen who were responsible in making the bill into law.

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