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How to Create an Effective Resume

Date Posted: Jun 17, 2009

Is your resume marketable enough to land you a job? Does it contain the most important details of you? If you are still clueless on how to make your resume marketable and professional looking, well keep on reading.


Resume or Curriculum Vitae is a document where your qualification as an applicant is written. Resume can be your ticket to success, thus making it very pleasant looking is important.


As you walk into the interview booth, the first thing that the interviewer will ask you is to lend him your resume. Your resume must be very pleasant because interviewers will assess you according to what is written on your resume. Here are pointers on what your resume should look like:


  • Short yet detailed- Do not overwrite your resume, or make bio-data as pattern. Make it professional looking by writing it in a clean and in chronological order.  Your resume should contain short but with important details like:
    • Experiences- write your present job (if any) or list your experiences to most current to the most previous. Don’t forget to write your position, name of the company and date of employment.
    • Educational background-Make it chronological as well, starts from tertiary to primary.
    • Personal Information- Do not focus much on your personal information, just write the basic information needed. Spare from writing secondary information like religion, father’s name, mother’s name etc.
    • Career Objective- Write a very effective, two liner objective that you want to obtain in joining the company.
    • Character references- Write 2-3 character references only. Make sure that these persons know you very well, maybe your college professor or former superior.


  • Choose formal font style and size- Font style and size is also very important. Do not use fonts that are too small or big or fonts style that is very complicated to read. Times New Roman, Verdana or Century Gothic are one of the most common formal style used, font size should be ranging from 10-12 only. Also, avoid using too much boldfaces, Highlighted those important titles only.


  • Scan your photo (The photo should be 1 ½ size)- Scan your photo with the resume. Do not staple an ID picture on the resume because it look clumsy. Make sure that you attached the most pleasing picture that you have.


  • Write an effective career objective- The career objective that you will write should be powerful enough to make the interviewer wants to hire you.


  • Observe your grammar and sentence- Observed the grammar of the titles, headers and sentence that you write. Use words that are formal yet understandable.


Also, never pass a dirty or photocopied resume because interviewers are always keen with every detail.

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