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Get Positive Impression With Your Attire!

Date Posted: Nov 25, 2014

One of the most common offenses of applicants during job interview is how the way they present themselves. Some jobseekers do not pay attention on what they wear during interviews, which is absolutely wrong for most interviewers credit your attire.


Dress to Impress. Remember that first impression is important in job interviews. Competition in employment is getting tougher, so better step up your game by dressing in professional attire. Here’s what to wear to make you stand out:


  • For Men- Guys are said to be the most common offender of the dress code in job interviews. Some guys are shy to dress professionally and just chose to apply in their casual attire. Men in formal attire get more attention than those who are in casual attire because they look very professional. Also, men should not also wear other accessories other than a single bracelet or watch. Refrain yourself from wearing piercing and flip flops. Make sure that you fix your hair and make an effort to splash a scent. Here’s what to wear during interviews:


    • Light Color Long Sleeves/Polo
    • Slacks
    • Leather Shoes


  • For Girls- Most women are conscious with what to wear which is good but some are wearing over the top clothes. A simple yet professional looking dress will do. Refrain yourself from wearing skimpy skirts and plunging neckline blouses, wear comfortable dresses. Minimize your makeup and accessory as well, remember that you are looking for a job and not attending any party. Though flip flops is a very comfortable, it is not appropriate to wear it in interviews. Here’s what to wear for girls:


    • Light color blouse, long/short sleeves
    • Professional Dress
    • Slacks or skirt (above the knee)
    • Closed shoes or formal sandals


Remember that first impression is very important in interviews and one of the best things to get good impression is to dress professionally.


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