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Coke Employees Protests Against Early Retirement Program

Date Posted: Jun 8, 2009

Employees of the Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated (CCCBPI) expressed their protest to the early retirement program that the company offered to its more or less 600 employees across Luzon. The said early retirement package was offered to its sales and manufacturing personnel in major cities of the country.


An organization of coke workers, the San Fernando CCBPI Rank and File Union (Sucaro) claims that there’s a “lack of consultation” between the management and its employees with regards to the program.


Alfredo Maranon, the President of Sucaro said, “The Company announced it is giving up 610 workers from Ilocos to Bicol. It cites redundancy to force our union members to retire early.”


According to the Department of Labor and Employment, 111 CCBPI workers in Meycauayan, Bulacan and 68 in San Fernando, Pampanga have availed of the early retirement program. Their work contracts owill end on June 30, 2009.


The company explained their side through its CCBP internal communications manager, Anna Gizelle Camua. She said some employees were covered by the program because of a “restructuring of its sales, delivery and commercial operations in the [Greater Manila Area] and Luzon.


Apparently, the restructuring came on May 29 when CCBP announced a “redesign of its route to market execution strategy.


Camua said, “Only 68 employees in San Fernando and 10 in Meycauayan will be covered. Their contracts will end on June 30. They will receive a separation package, which is significantly more than what is mandated by law and will help them move on after leaving the company.”


“This includes 175 percent of basic monthly pay for every year of service for employees with less than 15 years of service and 200 percent for those with 15 or more years of service and extension of health coverage until June 2014,” Camua added.

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