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How To Know if the Interviewer Likes You

Date Posted: May 18, 2009

You would never really read the mind of the interviewer unless you have telekinesis. However, you can presume if the interviewer has a connection with you in terms of gestures and how the conversation went on.


In every interview, you can easily figure out if the interviewer likes you through his/her movements, mood and the way he/she converse to you. Aside from observing your own self during the interview course, you can also observe his to have a possible hint on what will be the result of your job interview.


How to know if the interviewer likes you? Here are the following clues:


  • Does he/she maintain good conversation? - This is probably the most important factor. If the interviewer manages to connect with your answers he/she will converse with you a lot and will be more interested to throw questions with you. If the interviewer just ask few and basic questions, and did not go more into details, he/she probably don’t have any interest or find you not qualified.


  • Observe his/her gestures- Does the interviewer keeps eye contact with you or he just focus writing down notes? Eye contact and facial expression is very important to figure out if the interviewer likes you. Good eye contact and frequent nod and smiles indicate good points to you. It just means that you manage to connect with him.


  • Observe their mood- Although part of the HR’s ethics is to observed their moods, some still failed to follow their own rules. During interview, does he yawn? Feeling irate? A little snobbish? Does he pay attention to your answers or just let questions passed without even hitting sub questions out of your answers? If so, then it’s a sign that the interviewer is not into you.


  • Does the interviewer ask more? Or less? - The more the interviewer asks you the more she/he interested about you. If the interviewer asks less, either of the two is certain: He knows enough or you’re not good enough.


  • Compliments and Praises- Interviewers often asked about your achievements or projects that you’ve successfully obtained during your college days or on your previous job, if the interviewer asked you about this and compliment you, then it’s a big sign that the interviewer find you suitable for the job.


  • “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”- This is now the new term for “I’m sorry, but you are not qualified for the position.” Most of the companies today are following the one-day-job-application procedure; most likely, they let the applicants know if they pass on the same day. If you hear this phrase, it’s either the company is still studying your application or more often, find you incompatible for the position but don’t want to go straight to the point.
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