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Life after College: What to Expect?

Date Posted: May 4, 2009

It is said that life after college is a reality bite. True.


After 16-18 years of studying in school, enjoying the fun and perks in between, life after it is all reality mixed with triumph and failure. It is very important that you already have an idea of what is waiting for you once you handled your diploma. You will be standing on your own now, seeking for a career that will make you what you are.


Aside from the challenge of finding a job and making it stable in this time of crisis, there are certain aspects that will change once you’re finally working.


Now that your starting a career, what to expect? Here’s SMART:


  • Sacrifices- There are certain things that you need to sacrifice or even let go when you start working, like too much gimmicks and spending just for yourself. Remember that your parents had sacrifice a lot just to send you to a better school and it is just right to sacrifice in return. You can now help your family with household bills or treat your parents in special occasions. Your time with your old friends will also be limited, gimmicks and fun is not on your top priority list anymore since your working, and your schedule will be more hectic.


  • Money Management- Now that you are on your own and earning, budgeting and saving are now part of your survival plan. You will also have financial responsibility in your family now (in case your single and if your parents oblige you to do so), you have to share for house bills or help your parents by sending your younger siblings to school. Of course, you should still give yourself a reward by buying your favorite stuff, however, do not go beyond limits.


  • Attitude Change- Your serious and mature side will now be revealed. This is the most common change that most people will noticed about you. There is nothing wrong by being more mature, it is actually a good thing. You will notice that your mind is more broad and open now. Your thinking is not about fun and leisure anymore, your thinking about a better future. You’re getting more responsible and more eager to be successful.


  • Run Down- Now this is reality, life is bitter-sweet. Failures are part of a human cycle, it happens in order for you to grow as a person. Job rejections, project turn downs, marketing failures, slow promotion, termination and other unfortunate scenarios can happen. Like what other says, “Expect the worst” but do not dwell on it, live with it and stand up. Those failures will just tests your ability to cope up. Remember that failures are part of a man’s success.


  • Triumph- After you failed, work hard and seek for triumph. Success is possible to achieve when you strive hard and excel beyond your capabilities. The things you learned in school will be your guide to achieve your ultimate success. However, success may take years to obtain and so patience is a virtue.








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