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Life after College: What to Do?

Date Posted: May 4, 2009

Life after college means one word- Work


Now that you’ve earned your diploma and finally finished your time span at school, you have to stretch your muscles and work. Adjustments is often become a problem with fresh graduates mainly because of lack of preparation and ignorance of what life’s after school. It is very important that as early, you already have an idea and plan on what path you need to follow after school.


Graduating from college should not be your last goal; there are more to life after that. After college, what’s next? Follow GLOBE:


  • Give time to adjust- After a long period that you spent in school, it is also good to take some time to rest and most probably to adjust for the new chapter that you need to face. Relax and earn confidence while you’re at home. With 1 month off, you must research or asks for a friend’s advice on how they adjust from studying to working. You should prepare your resumes and portfolios and of course your self on what might happen.


  • Look for a job- The essence of why you study is to have a great career that will be your foundation to success. Go stretch your muscles and find a job, if you have failed once, do not dwell on it but keep on going. Start reading classified ads or register yourself in job portals in the internet to help you find a job. Remember that in this time of global crisis, it is quite hard to find a job so better step up your game to get one.


  • Organize yourself- Organizing your own self will help you get motivated and have a clear thought of which path are you going to take. Make an organizational plan like schedules of companies that you will visit or job fairs that you need to attend. You can also start preparing your school documents, resumes, portfolios and other needed requirements.


  • Be prepared- Preparation is not only about your resumes and your needed requirements. More importantly, you have to be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially capable in handling the reality. It’s very important that you are well prepared because you might not handle the pressure if you still in the midst of searching yourself.


  • End your old habits- If you seem to be a little lazy and has a ‘come what ma’ attitude back on your college days, better say goodbye to that attitude and hello to a new you. Finding a career and making it stable should be your goal now. Also, you should now put a limit with your gimmick schedules and having fun. Your focus must be on your career finding, the fun and leisure can be obtained in the end after you finally found your desired job.




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