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How To Manage Your Time At Work

Date Posted: Apr 22, 2009

Do not punish yourself with too much work when there’s a thousand ways on how to make your work easy. Stress is often caused of working too much that makes your health at risk of over fatigue and mental blackout. Managing your time at work is easy; all you need to do is follow these keys below:


  • Create a Time Plan- Prepare an organizer pad or a calendar on your desk. List down your daily activity in the organizer so that you’ll be reminded on what to work on first. Make your time plan organized; make a time line with each work so that you’ll get able to finish them all.


  • Get to work early- Starts your work as early as possible to avoid cramming. Getting to work early will boost yourself to work since you have fresh mentality and energy. Get your job done early so that you can find time to relax and chill out after long hours of works.


  • Make your own deadlines- To avoid getting yourself into trouble thinking how you would finish all your tasks in just a matter of time, create your own deadlines to make your work fast. It will also serve as a challenge between you and your skills, making a deadline will boost your energy to finish everything on time.


  • Check your mails and memos- Check your memos and mails once you sat on your desk, do not forget to check it always. Nowadays, tasks are sent by bosses through email and advisories through memos. Check it early so you’ll be aware on the tasks that you have to do and advisories in the office and not get disappointed when you missed a task or failed to meet the memo.


  • Prepare your reports/presentation 3 days beforehand- Make sure that when you are assigned to make a presentation or report, finish it days before your deadline. Finish it 3 days before the deadline so that you’ll have time to study your report. This would also avoid cramming and being under pressure thinking how you would finish it in just a nick of time.


  • Know your priorities- Prioritize the most important tasks or project that needed to be done and do it first among the rest.


  • Know when to be serious and when to fool around- Of course, you’ll be ten times older when you let yourself drowned with workloads. Chill out sometimes, talk with your officemates to help your mind refresh and relax. However, know your limitations. If it’s work, focus on your work and not keeping in touch with the latest gossip in the office.


  • Relax- After long hours of working; make sure that you treat yourself with relaxation and pampering. Go get a full body massage or watch your favorite movies. Have fun. It will help you have outside and inner relaxation. Having time for yourself will also give you peace and refresh your mind and body for another day at the office again.



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