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Where to Apply in this Crucial Time

Date Posted: Mar 25, 2009

Getting a job is really tough nowadays due to the economic crisis not only here in the country but also abroad. In recent study by National Statistics Office (NSO), a shoulder shrugging 4.3 million Filipinos are said to be jobless and more than 500,000 college graduates will join them soon.


However, do not loose hope. Several industries are still open and even expanding their units around the country. Try your luck and apply in these following industries:


  • Contact Centers or BPO Companies- BPO companies remain open even for the coming years, because of the global expansion of BPO companies abroad. Most contact centers in US and are choosing to relocate in the country and that they needed more agents. BPO Companies are now expanding in the province like in Iloilo, Subic, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao.


  • Pharmaceutical Companies- Hiring for Medical Representative is also in trend next to call center agents. This is due to the number of herbal medicines and different medical equipments that are available in the market today. Most Medical Representative usually assigned to visit different places around country to sell the product.


  • On line Teaching- You can also try your luck as on line teachers. Most of these companies teach students in Non-English speaking countries like , and . They usually hire those with Education and Mass Communication background. The benefits and salary is almost the same as Call Center Agents.


  • Banking Industry- Recruitment in Banks is continuous. They usually hire in different departments like tellers in different locations, marketing officers, advertising staff, office clerk, Admin Assistant and more. However, application in banks is quite tougher since you will undergo to series of interviews and examinations.


  • IT Company- Programming, Web Designing, 2D, 3D, Flash Animation, Technical Writing and other computer related jobs are still in demand in the country. However, most IT companies requires applicant with highly skills and knowledge in different computer applications.


  • Government Agencies- One good option is to take Civil Service Examination and apply for in government agencies. There are different available positions in the government, several departments had announced vacancies. Available positions are posted on each government websites.


Getting a career is quite tough nowadays especially that not all industry offered jobs. But we can’t just sit and wait for another industry to open, we have to strive hard especially during these time.


Like what the famous quote says “there are too many fish in the ocean”, jobs are just out there. All you have to do is patiently strive and for sure, soon you will grab one.


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