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How to Apply for NBI Clearance

Date Posted: Mar 19, 2009

Most employers asked for a certified true copy of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance to ensure that the applicant has no criminal records. NBI clearance is one of the important documents to be passed if you wish to apply for local and overseas jobs. It is also presented when you apply for other legal services in the country.


Here are the steps on how to apply for an NBI Clearance:


Finger Print Card- This Application form are for first time applicants who will apply for either local or overseas jobs.


  • Visit NBI main office or to the nearest NBI sub-offices located in the city or municipality that you belonged.
  • Go directly to the registration booth and pay according to the type of clearance that you want to have. For local employment a fee of P115.00 must be paid.
  • Upon filling up the form that entails personal information, an NBI Officer will check if you have criminal records.
  • A photo of you will be taken that will be attached in the form with a photo identification number.
  • Applicant’s fingerprints will be taken and printed on the form.
  • Applicants who have no namesake can wait up to 5 min to receive his/clearance. However, for people who found to have namesake should wait 2 days to receive his/her clearance.
  • For renewal, present your old clearance and proceed to the registration office.


As for those who shared a name with a person who has criminal records, he/she will proceed to the Quality Control Section where he will be interviewed to verify his record. They are also requested to submit the following:


  • Applicants found no derogatory (criminal) records should pass Affidavit of Denial duly notarized.
  • Applicants found with derogatory (criminal) records should pass a clearance from the court/office where the case was filed.


It is important that as early, you should apply for an NBI clearance to prevent cramming when if you get hired and asked to complete your document.

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