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How to Weigh Job Offers

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2009


Before accepting a job offer, one should study the contract and the job itself first before accepting it. This contradicts to the belief of others about grabbing a job in an instant.


If you receive job offer or given 3 job offers, weigh them carefully to avoid conflict and regrets when you faced trouble at work. It is very important to consider some things before you sign contract in the company to avoid getting into trouble.


To help you have clearer idea, here are tips on what to consider and how to weigh job offers:


  • Compare the Position Offered- Make sure to pick the best position that fits your qualifications. This implies to applicants who applied different positions, (for instance you applied secretary in company x and marketing assistant in that company y, both offers job position) analyze first your capacity and which position you know you will excel.


  • Compare the Salary Offered- This sounds not important nowadays because of the recession, however, if the other company offers a lot bigger than other’s, do not be hypocrite to consider the biggest offer.


  • Compare Tasks provided- Study the tasks that will be assigned to you before accepting the offer. If you prefer tasks that is not too complicated choose offer that provide light workforce, or if you are into challenge then you may choose jobs that comprise tough tasks.


  • Compare the Location- This is also important; choose a company that is near in your present house. Do not accept jobs that are too far for it may cause conflict in the end, like you tend to come to the office late, not prepared and stressed.


  • Company Comparison- Compare the companies that offers job position to you, you may choose the well known company for they often has good reputation or a medium size company that offers easy promotion.


  • Compare the Benefits offered- Compare the benefits that the company offers. For instance, company x offers basic benefits provided by the law and company y offers benefits provided by the law plus other health insurance, car and house loans etc. You may choose company y because they offer a lot bigger.


  • Compare Company treatment- Weigh job offers according on how the company treats their employees. You may conduct simple interviews and observation on the company; ask employees if they are treated well and equal or if the bosses or the company is strict, etc.


The above tips will help you be guided. However, do not be too choosy, do not dump a job offer just because it lack on just one qualification that you consider. Otherwise, be wise on choosing a job offer, if you think and feel that it is the job that is meant for you, then, grab it!

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