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Special Employment Assistance for Disabled People

Date Posted: Mar 16, 2009

Disabled individuals often had a hard time getting a decent jobs because some view them incapacitated to work. However, according to the labor code of employment, disabled people has the rights to work, only rejected if the job is literally harmful and not suitable based on his/her disability.


With this, the government launched TULAY, Tulong, Alalay sa Taong may Kapansanan that aims to help disabled people finds jobs. The program also teaches and trains members various livelihood programs, enhance their skills and make their disability effective.


In this program, person with disability can choose various courses that he/she want to learn. The following programs are as follows:


  • Industrial Skills- For disabled who want to learn basic labor force such as office works, information technology, etc.


  • Livelihood Skills- Disabled can receive monthly income by learning basic livelihood projects such as basket making, food processing, etc.


  • Entrepreneurship skills- Disabled can learn how to make their skills productive by getting into business.


Bureau of Labor and Employment come up with a strategy on how they will help disabled have jobs and source of income:

  • Registration of persons with disabilities.
  • Inventory/Survey of companies, government and non - government agencies, local government units and funding institutions (local and foreign) and programs for PWDs.
  • Networking and close coordination with private companies, GOs, NGOs, LGUs and funding institutions particularly those with for PWDs.
  • Maintenance of a skills pool of persons with disabilities.
  • Establishment of cooperatives, production workshops and self - employment projects.
  • Active advocacy and information campaign to awaken public conscience to the need to create employment opportunities for PWDs.
  • Development of capability of program implementers for successful program implementation.
  • Close monitoring of enforcement laws pertaining to employment of persons with disabilities


Persons with disability can register themselves in PESO or DOLE offices in different areas around the country. Or call 528-0108/527-2539.

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