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How to Adjust on Your First Job

Date Posted: Mar 10, 2009

Life at work is far different with life at school. This time, you will not be graded with your special projects, exams and recitations. No more second, third and fourth chances, no more cutting classes and role playing. This time, it is all reality.


It is normal to feel a little bit reserved during your first day or weeks in your first job. You are in the process of adjusting into a new environment. However, never let your “adjustment period” ruins your job. Here’s how to adjust in to your first job:


  • Make Friends- Do not isolate yourself during break time; get to know your officemates by joining them during lunch. It would be easy to adjust if you have people to talk to and be with during your adaptation period.


  • Tour the company- With provision with your superior, get familiarize with the company by touring each facilities (except unauthorized areas). It will be easy for you to adapt if you let yourself get in touch with your new environment.


  • Personalize your desk/office- Personalize your desk by putting pictures or notes from people who are closed to you. It will help you feel motivated and inspired.


  • Learn your Job- Ask other employees about your job and ask for tips on how to handle it. Do not hesitate to ask for help, they will gladly lend assistance because they’ve been through on your situation.


  • Look for a buddy- Learn if someone in your office who you can relate to. Like someone who’s from the same school that you graduated or someone who shares the same interest with you.


  • Introduce yourself- Just the same as introducing yourself during first day of school, politely say something about yourself. Introducing yourself is actually the first and effective step on how to adjust easily because it will let your officemates know you more.


  • Make your own Research- Make your own initiative to take research about the company by asking its past employees and present employees on how’s the culture in the company.


  • Keep a positive outlook- Always wear an inviting smile. Never show any fear or intimidation because you may be isolated. Always show willingness to learn about your job and the company.


For you to enjoy your first job, you must really learn how to adjust. It would be hard at first, but once you let yourself love what you are doing, everything will be on the right track.








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