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What is the Rest Incentives of an Employee

Date Posted: Apr 5, 2015

After 5-6 days of work, an employee is entitled to have rest days or often called as Day Off. Work can be stressful and tiring, thus, having a break is important for all employees to take a rest and have time for themselves.


Labor Code of the completely details the rights of all workers to have rest days and take paid vacation leaves. The said incentives are as follows:


  • Weekly Rest Day- Employers should provide a one day-off each week for all its employees. Meaning, an employee should worked not more than 6 days week. If an employee works in his/her day off, he should be paid double on his salary.


  • Holiday Breaks- Usually, the government provides holiday breaks in order to commemorate special occasions or event. Most holidays require non-work, meaning an employee has an excuse not to work. However, an employee can also work during holidays to receive double pay.


  • Incentive Leave- An employee can take a minimum of 5-day paid leave if he/she had work at least 1 year in the company.


  • Sick Leave- An employee is also entitled to have Sick Leave in any case that an employee is ill or his/her family members need health assistance.


  • Maternity Leave- Pregnant workers are also entitled to take 6 week leave for normal delivery and 7 week leave for cesarean delivery. Maternity Leave is paid, meaning your days of absence in the company is considered paid.


  • Paternity Leave- Male parents can assist their pregnant wives during delivery by taking 6-7 day leave with pay.


All breaks mentioned above is paid, employers who will not pay will be punished under the law. Additional payment should also be granted to employees who will work during his/her day off or during holidays. Taking incentive leave, Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave should be filed weeks before the date of absence.

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