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Other Monetary Benefits of an Employee

Date Posted: Feb 27, 2009

Aside from the minimum wage that an employee received bi-monthly, there are other monetary benefits that he/she should receive. These incentives came from the extra hours that you work and bonuses that an employee is entitled upon.


Here are the lists of other monetary and leave benefits of an employee:


  • Overtime Pay- The law implies that the time performed beyond the regular working time of 8 hours must be paid. An additional compensation equivalent to the regular wage plus 25% should be paid.


  • Premium Pay- An additional compensation equivalent to the regular wage plus 30% must be paid to the employee if he/she works overtime on special holidays or his/her day-off. A 50% equivalent to his/her daily rate will be added is an employee performed during his day-off which is also a special holiday. And for an employee who will work during regular holidays which is also his rest day shall be given an additional 30% of the regular holiday rate of 200%.


  • Holiday Pay- An employee who will work during legal holidays should be paid double his/her salary.


  • Night-shift Pay- An employee should be paid an additional 10% of his wage each hour that he/she works within 10pm-6pm.


  • Service Incentive Leave- If an employee has attained at least 1 year in the company, he/she is entitled to take not more than 5 days leave once a year. The leave of absence is paid equivalent to your regular pay a day.


  • Service Charges- All service charges collected by hotels, restaurants and similar establishments shall be distributed at the rate of eighty-five percent (85%) for all covered employees and fifteen percent (15%) for management.


  • 13th Month Pay- 13th Month pay is an additional pay equivalent to your monthly salary that is given in the fourth quarter of the year (Between November-December)


Other Incentives:


  • Maternity Leave- Pregnant employees can take a paid 6-7 week leave for preparation for her due.


  • Paternity Leave- Male parents can take a 7 day leave with pay to assist his/ pregnant or ill spouse.


The incentives mentioned above should be implemented and must be followed according to the law. Employees who are not getting the said incentives should call the attention of the authorities to take actions.





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