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Benefits of a PhilHealth Member

Date Posted: Feb 19, 2009

The cliché of a known multivitamin product is actually right especially in this time that securing your health is now a fortune, “BAWAL MAGKASAKIT”


However, one cannot get rid of getting sick, or much worse a disease. We cannot ignore the fact that hospital bills nowadays costs a lot of money that not most Filipinos can afford, plus the expensive price of medications to add up the burden. And this is why PhilHealth is important, to help all its members with health assistance.


The National Health Insurance Program or PhilHealth was created under Republic Act 7875 that provides health benefits and assistance to all its members and their dependents.


PhilHealth is a government owned insurance that aims to help their members and beneficiaries with health finances. All employees, both government and private are entitled to have Philhealth membership. PhilHealth is often deducted once a month on the salary of an employee; this employee is automatically became a member and is entitled to include his/her beneficiaries.


Below are the benefits that a Philhealth Member and their beneficiaries can receive:


  • Inpatient Coverage- PhilHealth provides subsidy for room and board, drugs and medicines, laboratories, operating room and professional fees for confinements of not less than 24 hours.


  • Outpatient Coverage- Day surgeries, dialysis and cancer treatment procedures such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy in accredited hospitals and free-standing clinics.


  • Coverage for normal spontaneous deliveries- Philhealth gives compensation for member’s who gave birth in a non complicated normal delivery in either hospital or non-hospital settings.


  • New Born Care Package- PhilHealth also provides help for the newborn child of a PhilHealth member.


  • TB Treatment through DOTS- PhilHealth also give support for child and adult members who are suffering from pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis through Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse (DOTS).


  • SARS and Avian Influenza (Influenza Pandemic or Bird Flu) Package-PhilHealth also gives support from members who are suffering from such rare disease like SARS and Bird Flu. They are given proper treatment, medications and provided with hospital bills.


The following shall not be covered except when, after actuarial studies, PhilHealth recommends their inclusion subject to approval of its Board of Directors:


  • Fourth and subsequent normal obstetrical deliveries
  • Non-prescription drugs and devices
  • Alcohol abuse or dependency treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Optometric services

*Other cost-ineffective procedures as defined by PhilHealth


Who are the qualified dependents?

  • Parents, stepparents, adoptive parents who are 60 years old and above.
  • Children, legitimate, illegitimated, acknowledge and illegitimate who are under 21 years old. Above 21 year old children with physical and mental disability.
  • Legal Spouse


It is really good to know that we have something to rely on like Philhealth which provides health assistance in times of need.

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