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Part Time Jobs for Students in the Philippines

Date Posted: Feb 17, 2009

Because of the continuous increase of school tuition fees and other school miscellaneous dues, we really have to seek for alternative way to sustain our needs especially for students. Students who are suffering in financial crisis but are determined to finish their studies, one best solution is to seek for a part time job.


Aside from applying for a scholarship, having a Part-time job will not hinder your study unless you don’t permit your work schedule interfere your responsibilities at school. Part time jobs will not only support your studies but will also help your parents to lift their financial burden.


Here are lists of Best Part Time jobs that can help students with their school fees:


  • Fast Food Service Crew- Working as a service crew for fast food chains is one of the ideal part time job for students. Most major fast food chain in the country entertains students to help them with their financial needs in school.


  • Part Time Call Center Representative- If you want to earn higher, working as a part time call center agent can be ideal. Aside from the fact that Call Center gives above minimum pay, the usual schedule in call center is at night that is very ideal for most students who study in the morning.


  • Direct Selling Sales Agent- Working as a sales agent for a direct selling company (like Avon, Saralee, and Fuller Life) is also ideal because it will not hinder your studies at all. Your schedule and sales strategies will all depend on you. You just have to use your sale’s talk skills in order for you to have plenty of orders.


  • Part Time Medical Representative- Part time Medical Representative is also ideal for students who has tight schedule at school. Medical Representatives are very in demand nowadays since many variations of herbal medicines became popular in the country. All you have to do is to sell medicines and it’s up to you on how you will keep the ball rolling.


  • School’s Student Assistant- You can also work as a student assistant in your school. Most school has programs that aim to help their students with their finances.


  • Tutor- Students can also make earnings as a tutor. They can work as an online tutor which is very popular nowadays or a private tutor. The work schedule for on line tutors are most likely the same as CSR, on the other hand, private tutors can work on week ends or after class.


  • Computer Shop Assistant- Computer shops are one of the fastest growing businesses in the country today. Most computer shop owner hires students since most of their outlets are located near schools. They can also get extra income for upgrading and repairing computers.


  • Prepaid/DSL Load Retailer- You can earn money without any hassle because the scenario is different, instead of looking for prospect customers, people are the one who will look after you. However, like Medical Representatives and Sales Agents, your earnings will depend on your sales strategies.


  • Part Time Real Estate Broker- Real Estate Brokers are also in demand for students nowadays since the increasing number of condominiums built in the city. There’s high hopes to earn big amount in real estate since the units often costs millions.


  • Receptionist- Students can also apply as hotel or office receptionist. The schedule will also be patterned on your school schedule and the pay is enough to sustain your school fees.


Practicality is the name of the game. There are various ways on how we will help ourselves to reach our dreams and aspirations. Remember that success without perseverance and sacrifice is impossible to achieve.



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