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PGMA launched NARS for Unemployed Nurses

Date Posted: Feb 16, 2009


Due to the alarming number of jobless registered nurses in the country, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo launched Nurses Assigned to Rural Services (NARS) a program that aims to provide a job and experience to Filipino Nurses.


The program aims to help both unemployed nurses and municipalities with lack of health assistance. Under the NARS program, registered nurses will be deployed in an average of 5 towns from the 1,000 poorest municipalities in the country. They will be provided with an allowance of P8, 000 a month and may be increased if the host municipality will offer P2, 000 or more.


Nurses will work for 6 months as an intern nurse on health centers and roving nurse for public schools. Under the program, the nurses will undergo training and development competency enhancement that are patterned from the Department of Health (DOH) training qualifications which is also participated by the Professional Regulation Commission- Board of Nurses (PRC-BON).


Nurses that will complete the program will be granted a Certificate of Completion issued by the DOH, DOLE and PRC. The program will also be considered as a working experience requirement for hospitals and other health units local and abroad.


The NARS Program aims to address the following:

  • Glut in inexperienced nurses
  • The proliferation of “volunteer nurses” working in hospitals without being paid but instead they themselves pay the hospitals to obtain Certificate of work experience.
  • Promote health of the people
  • Bring the government closer to them. The idea is to mobilize nurses cooling their heels in their hometowns (due to low local and overseas demand for the services of inexperienced nurses) for work among their own people and provide them with learning and development opportunities to enhance their capacity to provide quality nursing and health care.


Nurses will be tagged as the Warriors of Wellness and will swear to commit the 3 I’s, which are:


  1. Initiate primary health, school nutrition, maternal health programs, first line diagnosis;
  2. Inform about community water sanitation practices and also do health surveillance;
  3. Immunize children and mothers.


Interested registered nurse should apply online through www.nars.dole.gov.ph




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