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How to Cope Job Failure

Date Posted: Feb 14, 2009

Have you ever feel that it seems that you have bad luck in job hunting? Most people feel that way whenever they often get rejections from the position that they apply for. It is really painful being rejected, especially for first time applicants. However, there is no reason to loose hope.


Here are some advices whenever you fail to get the position that you are applying for:


  • Review what happened during the interview and assess yourself during that period. If you feel that your answers are weak, reflect the questions that the interviewer had asked you and analyze the best answer that you should've said.
  • Reflect your attitude during the interview; maybe your actions and usage of words are inappropriate.
  • Make a comparison on the companies that you have applied in. Analyze why they turned you down, the interview process and their questions. This could help you prepare and have an insight on what to expect to the next company that you’ll be applying in.
  • Ask yourself “Am I really fit for the position that I am applying for?” maybe your qualifications are not suitable for the position that you are interested in. Assess your skills and specialization. It would be really hard if you insist on the job that you didn’t really know.
  • Never loose your confidence. Some applicants loose their spirit whenever they faced a lot of rejections that could cause unwillingness and lack of preparation.
  • Do not be choosy. Maybe the position that you are applying for is too high for your qualification and experience. If the company offers you a lower position, grab it.
  • Make a research about job hunting and make sure that you are equipped with information about the company and the position that you are applying for.
  • Seek for an advice. Ask your parents, elder siblings or friends about their experience on job hunting and how they succeed on the interview process. This could help you have insight on what to do during interview.
  • Try and try until you succeed. Never loose hope; there are lots of jobs out there for you. Remember that success will never come to you in just a snap; it takes a lot of hardships and even failures before you get what you dream to have.


Failures are part of success. Getting a job is not about luck, it’s about your capabilities and attitude. If you can’t have what you want right now, maybe this is not the right time. If you always fail, never blame “luck”, maybe you just lack on certain aspects. If you fall, stand up. Do not dwell on your failures; instead make it as your guide to be hired the next time you apply.

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