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Labor Rights of a Woman

Date Posted: Jan 19, 2009

Like other countries in the world, Philippines condemn the act of discrimination in any manner or situation. We do not patronize discrimination and violates discriminators.


Women play a very vital role in society. They may be less in physical attributes compared to men but it does not necessarily mean that they are less of a person or we have to classify them as weak.


Here are some facts that all Filipino women laborers must know according to the Labor Code of the , Presidential Decree# 422:



Did You Know…?


  • That woman has the right to have a healthy and proper workplace? Based on the Article 132, all establishments must provide a clean and separate toilet with women and men.


  • That all pregnant laborers are entitled for a Maternity Leave? Article 133 states that all pregnant women can take 6 week maternity leave and can extend to 7 weeks for those who will undergo a

    Caesarian section of delivery. The maternity leave is PAID, however, under the law; maternity leave is only paid until the 4th pregnancy of a woman.


  • That any act of discrimination against women is punishable? Article 135 said that in an employment, women should be treated equally with men and should not be hindered to get a promotion.


  • That woman has all the rights to receive her salary and other benefits? Based from Article 135, a woman must receive an equal salary and benefits with men and the salary should not be delayed.


  • That an employer will be punished if he/she terminates a married or soon to be married laborer? A married or planning to get married employee should not be terminated without any valid reasons or without any notifications based on Article 136.


  • That it is also prohibited to terminate a pregnant woman? Unable to give the benefit of a pregnant woman and not to admit a woman employee after giving birth is punishable, according to Article 137.


  • That even woman who works in night clubs, bars and other similar jobs are also protected by the law? Article 138 explains that making classification on the kind of work of a woman is against the law. And those women have also the rights to receive the appropriate salary and benefits allotted to them.


  • That sexual harassment is unlawful and punishable with imprisonment? The Republic Act 7877 explains that an employer has no rights to use his/her power to sexually harass an employee as a threat that she might lose her job.


Women are significant in our workforce as men. Nowadays, women can outdo men in jobs that only used to be known as “men’s world” such as Engineering, Architecture and even in Military. Each of us was cared for 9 months and was delivered with pain and love by a woman and so the capabilities of a woman should never be questioned. And lastly, bear the fact that behind every successful man stands a woman.




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