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How to Make a Good Portfolio

Date Posted: Jan 19, 2009

Aside from presenting a comprehensive résumé that detail your backgrounds, submitting a portfolio is also a right thing to do. Portfolio is a compilation of your works i.e. projects, designs, articles, etc. It will show your competence, knowledge and ability. It serves as an insight of what you can do and how passionate you are in your craft.





Some employers ask for portfolios especially if you are applying for advertising, engineering or architectural position. They ask for it because some will base your ability via your previous works in college.





Your Portfolio’s role in your job hunting will play significantly. If you cannot express your self well during an interview, your Portfolio might save you by getting hired.







·         In preparing a portfolio, one should think first of a concept. A pleasing and well design portfolio makes an impact. Inside contents should be organized from the beginning to the end depending on your concept.



·         Start compiling your work from the first sketch or article that you make up to the latest; this will show your evolution as an artists or designer. The employer may see how your capacity to envision develops.



·         Good portfolio should communicate to the employer that will further explain who you are.


·         Put labels, like your concept in making it and the story behind your design.



·         If your designs or articles are too many, do not put them all. The employer might get confused if you show all your work. Reserve something from yourself; choose only your best works.



·         The final piece of your portfolio should be your best, something that will make a final perfect impression.





In the manner of respect, ask first if you can show your portfolios. Employers might judge who you are just by looking at your portfolio, and sometimes make criticism out of it so you should be open and ready to explain your thoughts.





There are thousands of job hunters just like you so better step up your game by outshining them all via your well crafted portfolio.



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