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Most Common Requirements asked by Employers

Date Posted: Jan 16, 2009

After passing the interview process and hearing the two words that you’ve been waiting to hear “You’re Hired”, you can’t work as early as possible without submitting legal documents, unless you already have it. These documents are important to ensure that your rights as an employee will be implemented and will guarantee that you’ll get the benefits that you are entitled upon.



What are the legal documents that Employers often asked to submit? What are their purposes? The documents that should be passed are as follows:



  • Social Security System (SSS) number/I.D (For Non Government Employee)- Fresh graduates or first time employee can get an SSS number in SSS main office or to any authorized SSS branches. However, SSS ID is asked for anyone who’s been working for a couple of years. Having an SSS can give all non government employees an assurance of a disability, sickness, death, loan and retirement benefits. SSS are compulsory, meaning all Non Government workers should have an SSS.



  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) number or ID (For Government Member/ Employee) - GSIS are meant for government workers. Like in SSS, all GSIS members are required to have deduction to their salary. The amount that will be deducted will give them benefits that include disability, loan, sickness, death and retirement benefits.



  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance or Police Clearance- Having an NBI or Police Clearance will assure you and your employer that you are a legal citizen and do not have any criminal records against the law. NBI or Police Clearance can be processed in your respected City/Municipality Hall.



  • Medical Certificate- One of the main responsibilities of an Employer is to guarantee that his/her employee is in proper health condition and so Medical Certification is important to ensure that you are capable to work. Medical Certificates are often required in most Industries but more certain to Food and Chemical/Pharmaceutical Industries.



  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)-  All citizens of the are required to pay taxes and so each employees must have a TIN number. TIN can be processed and acquire in any branches, main office, or in the official website of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.



  • Community Tax Certificate or Cedula- CTC or Cedula will prove your citizenship and residency in the community that you lived.



  • Birth Certificate- Most Employees require their employees to pass a birth certificate (Authenticated by NSO) to assure that their employee is on the right age and an authentic residence of the country.



  • Certificate of Employment- This is for Applicants who resigned or get terminated by their previous employers. The Certificate of Employment will certify your employment records in the company that you previously worked on.




Not all documents above are asked, however most employees are assuring that they have a legal documentation of each employees to avoid irregularities. The employer often gives at least 1 week to process the documents needed before getting you started.


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