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Health and Security Rights of an Employee

Date Posted: Jan 15, 2009

Health Insurance and Benefits are included on the standard deduction fee that the employer’s subtract in our salary. Therefore, all laborers are entitled to receive a health and safety benefits.





The following are the list of health and safety benefits that laborers entitled onto:



  • Maternity Benefits (Republic Act 7322)- All pregnant laborers are entitled for a paid 60 day leave for normal delivery, miscarriage or abortion and can extend to 78 days incase of a caesarian delivery.




  • Paternity Benefits (Republic Act 8187) - All male parents are entitled to have a seven day leave with pay. This Act was passed to ensure that the male parent can support his wife before and after her delivery to their new born.




  • Medical and Dental Service (Pres. Decree No. 442 Article 156-161) - In this law, the working place of a laborer should have complete medicine and dental equipments to ensure the health and safety of the laborers. The establishment should also have Physician and a Registered Nurse to look up to laborers in case of emergency or accidents.




  • PhilHealth (Republic Act 7875) - Every employee has an access to Philhealth. Having a Philhealth will decrease a burden for all employees including their supplementary benefits. This includes free or discounted medical attention, free or discounted medicines and other health benefits. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are the newest members of Philhealth.




  • Sexual Harassment (Republic Act 7877) - All means of protection against Sexual Harassment are implemented under the law. Sexual Harassment in both men and women under employment, education and training programs are punishable by the law.




  • Occupational Health and Safety (Pres. Dec. No. 442, Articles 162-165)- Under this law the Secretary  of the Department of Labor and Employment should enforce a Safety and Health standards to ensure the safety and good environment for the laborers. A comprehensive inspection in all business establishments should be met to ensure its readiness on emergency and or if the establishment has a complete emergency equipments.




One of the major concerns of the government particularly the Department of Labor and Employment is the health and safety of all laborers. All Irregularities and Misconduct made under the above laws is punishable.



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